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Downloads for the Dashrep language

Where is the code for a Dashrep engine (that translates Dashrep code)?

The current version of Perl code that implements the Dashrep language is on GitHub at: Version 2.x on GitHub

Another version is on the CPAN Archive here: Version 2.33 at CPAN Archive

The code is written in a subset of Perl, and in a C-like syntax, so that it can be ported more easily to other languages.

Where is some sample Dashrep-language code?

The interactive example contains a sample of Dashrep code that demonstrates a list of animals that is automatically adjusted according to animal counts and displayed language (English and French).

The same sample code is also in one of the files here: Dashrep-language on GitHub

Prefer not to download any software?

You can use the free online conversion service.


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